About Us

Dating Assassins is the world's leading expert for procuring the trendiest items for everyone all in one place at everyday low prices. We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the most innovative products. This way you know you are guaranteed to have the coolest things money can buy without spending days researching on your own.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help couples reconnect with each other mentally, physically & emotionally. We want to provide the tools that reignite the fire & maintains the spark that makes intimacy enjoyable. Most of all, we want you to have stronger connections to your partners and live a fuller, happier life.

Our Product

The only card game that will ASSASSINATE your truth. Ask questions to your potential partner. If they take too long to answer or you see them sweat. Yell. "YOU HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED!" "GAME OVER!"