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Dating Assassins

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Dating Assassins Card Game

Dating Assassins Card Game

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The Only Card Game That Will ASSASSINATE Your Truth

  1. Objective: Challenge your potential or current partner's honesty with a series of questions and spark meaningful conversations.
  2. Setup: Shuffle the deck of 150 question cards.
  3. Gameplay:
    • Take turns drawing a card and reading the question aloud to your partner.
    • Your partner must answer the question promptly and truthfully.
    • If they hesitate, seem nervous, or take too long to respond, yell: "YOU HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED!" followed by "GAME OVER!"
    • The player can continue if they can explain why they hesitated. Use this opportunity to delve deeper and understand each other better.
  4. Endgame: The game is over when all players have answered all questions. The goal is to stay honest, and quick with your answers, and foster open communication.
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